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International Stout Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow, November 8, is the second annual International Stout Day: a day to celebrate the iconic stout beer style by participating either by attending one of the various events or hoisting a glass and sharing with the online community on Facebook and Twitter (via the hashtag #StoutDay).

Untappd also has a new badge for their service; when you check in tomorrow with a stout, you’ll earn the International Stout Day 2012 badge.

It’s definitely as much a social media event as anything, which is fascinating to watch. Yes, there are specials and tastings events and more being held by a number of breweries, but the real “action” seems to be online in the social space—more and more these types of grassroots events start online and then extend into and gain traction in the real world (don’t forget IPA Day, Session Beer Day, Sour Beer Day, International Beer Day, and so on). And why not? It’s fun, it’s free (anyone can start a movement on Twitter, after all), and and it’s about beer!

So I’ll be enjoying a Dark o’ the Moon Pumpkin Stout from Elysian Brewing tomorrow, and earning my badge on Untappd and twittering with #StoutDay in my updates. What will you be drinking?