In the local paper, on the new breweries

Today’s (Sunday’s) edition of the Bend Bulletin has a long(ish) article on the new breweries cropping up in Central Oregon of late; the article is behind the Bulletin’s paywall so I can’t link you to it, but suffice to say I have a brief quote near the end of it. The reporter had contacted me earlier in the week and we chatted about the brewery growth for a few minutes; I’m pretty sure I spoke coherently, but the paragraph that quotes me is:

“You cross any of the breweries at any given time, it’s always busy, there’s always something happening,” said Jon Abernathy, who runs a few local online blogs, including “Maybe there is no end in sight.”

You cross any of the breweries? What does that mean? I’m pretty sure that’s a misquote, I believe I was talking about visiting the breweries and seeing how they’re always busy.

But ignoring my quibble, it’s a nice article on the local scene; too bad it’s locked up.