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I showed up in my local newspaper today…

talking about seasonal beers. Much more of a “feature” than I expected—I only spent about 10 minutes on the phone with the reporter. But that’s okay, it was fun, and mostly accurate.

Summer is a great time for light, easy-drinking, thirst-quenching brews. But when you’re talking about dark, rich, flavorful beer, you’re talking about fall and winter beer.

Six local breweries have special seasonal brews on tap for the fall and winter months. Many are available only for a few months and will disappear with the change of the season.

Bend beer aficionado Jon Abernathy, who runs a blog dedicated to his love of beer (, says these seasonal beers are part of a brewing tradition.

If you’re visiting from the Bulletin, welcome! I can probably point you in the right direction if you have any beer questions…