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Hop Press: Brewing local

Over on Hop Press this weekend I posted “Sourcing—and growing—local” contemplating breweries that are brewing beers with entirely-local ingredients.

The two breweries that are growing their own ingredients right now, of course, are Sierra Nevada and Rogue: both offer “estate” beers that are brewed with malt and hops that are either grown on their own property or on land they lease.

While very few breweries can afford to grow their own ingredients—Rogue and Sierra Nevada are the only two that I’m aware of—there are others like Grand Teton who are sourcing their ingredients as locally as possible.

It’s just a preliminary foray into the topic, of course—scratching the surface, as it were—and I’d be interested in building a directory of breweries that are engaging in this “locavore brewing.” In this case, I’m interested in beers that are produced from all local ingredients, not just incorporating some local products into a beer (there are lots of those).