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Hood River, Oregon

We did a day trip to Hood River, Oregon, mostly for fruit picking (cherries and blueberries are the fruit of the season right now), but true to form, I have some beer notes as well.

In particular, we arrived just in time for Double Mountain Brewery to open for lunch, and I had a taster tray—scoring some of their just-released Krieks. I’ll have a longer review up later.

Besides Double Mountain and Full Sail Brewing (which everyone knows is in Hood River, right?), there’s a third brewpub there as well: Big Horse Brewing. We drove by it, mostly by accident, and that’s about all I know of it. (Looks like their only internet presence is this Facebook page.)

On the way out of town, we were passing through Parkdale, and stopped at the Mt. Hood Country Store for some water (literally… it was 95 degrees today and we were out in a lot of it picking fruit—hydration!). This is notable because for what looks to be literally a country store, it turned out to be quite a beer oasis! They have amazingly well-stocked coolers, with some beers I haven’t seen in Bend even, and they even have six beers on tap.

Six good beers on tap. I don’t remember what all of them were, but they had a beer from Portland’s new Upright Brewing, one from Lazy Boy up in Everett, Washington, and Big Daddy IPA from Speakeasy Brewing in San Francisco.

Definitely worth stopping at in future trips, and I recommend it to any beer hunters finding themselves in or around Parkdale (or Hood River).