Homebrewing pumpkin tips

Pumpkin beerVia my Google News alerts, I found this article that offers tips for homebrewing with pumpkin. Nothing too earth-shaking, but I thought it was interesting and there are a couple of points of note:

  • The author recommends “small cheese pumpkins” as the best variety to use: a variety also called “Long Island cheese pumpkin” that is of the same family as the butternut squash. (I’ve seen another source recommending butternut squash as a better source of actual “pumpkin” flavor for use in a beer.)
  • No mention of the pumpkin in the mash: this article advocates adding pumpkin directly to the boil instead, possibly the first article/recipe I’ve seen to do this exclusively. I brewed up my annual pumpkin beer a couple of weeks ago and I actually split the pumpkin between the mash and the boil (for the first time) so I found this interesting.