Holiday beer gift ideas

A popular blog topic that makes the rounds this time of year, often starting at Black Friday, is the holiday gift guide. I’ve done some of those in the past and they can be fun roundup. Both Brewpublic and The New School published their guides with some good ad fun ideas.

I don’t have a full guide to post. But with Christmas a scant few weeks away, I figured I would at least post a few beer-related gift ideas.

Hand-Forged Steel Bottle Openers

Drunken Marmot steel openers

Made by David Sowards-Emmerd of Drunken Marmot Forge here in Bend, Oregon, these are beautiful, durable, and heavy. I met David last week at Wild Ride Brewing’s gift fair, and I was impressed by the quality of these openers and his process.

I’ll be honest: these are not cheap. But you are paying for quality work that takes hours per piece, and each one is unique and very likely going to last forever.

Bend Brew Daddy Calendar and Coasters

Bend Brew Daddy calendar and coasters

By now you all know Bend Brew Daddy — Matthew Ward is a talented photographer and fellow beer geek who takes wildly creative beer photos. That photography is on display in his 2017-2018 Oregon beer calendar, and his handmade BrüSquare tile coasters. You probably already follow him on Instagram too.

Everybody always need a calendar, and the coasters will be some of the coolest you’ll own. You don’t even have to use them as coasters—these make great little art pieces on their own.

Beer Books by Jeff Alworth

Books by Jeff Alworth

If you haven’t read any of Jeff Alworth’s work—either in print or at his must-read Beervana blog—there is no time like the holidays. Jeff is based out of Portland, Oregon, and has a number of books out that are, quite simply, essential to your beer bookshelf:

Jeff is not a “dry” writer, he has an engaging style that keeps you reading while still being jam-packed with information. Even if you’re an old hand at this whole beer thing, you will still learn something from these books.

Bend Beer: A History of Brewing in Central Oregon

Bend Beer: A History of Brewing in Central Oregon

Of course, I am going to plug my own book! Bend Beer recounts the beer history of the Central Oregon region, beginning on the frontier in the 1880s, through the “Wild West” era and Prohibition, and finally to the craft beer explosion of recent years. If you’re a fan of Bend’s breweries, or want to learn more about the region’s history, then Bend Beer is a book you need on your shelf. If I do say so myself, of course!