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Holiday Ale Festival

I’m playing catch up on various emails and announcements that came in during Pumpkin Beer Week that I didn’t have time to get to…

The Holiday Ale Festival up in Portland (Oregon) starts this week: "the only beer festival in the Northwest to be held outdoors in the dark, cold and often wet month of December."

This has been growing in prominence in recent years and to my mind, it’s the winter version of the Oregon Brewers Festival. Sadly, I’ve never been, nor will I be able to make it this year, which is a shame, because this is one I’d really like to check out sometime.

It starts this Thursday, November 29th, and runs through Sunday, December 2nd. It takes place in Pioneer Courthouse Square, right in the heart of Portland, and the admission/cost details are the same as the Oregon Brewfest: free admission, $5 for the mug, $1 per taster, $4 to fill the mug.

They’ve got an amazing-looking lineup of beers available, which Jeff has also noticed and commented on.

I’m totally jealous.