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Portland’s getting another new brewpub: Hobo Brewing

Jeff reports that Portland is getting yet another brewpub soon: Hobo Brewing.

Hobo will be a microbrewery in the old sense–3.5 to five barrels. For the moment, Hobo only occupies the bottom floor, but they hope to be able to expand to the second floor in the future. I think I caught them pretty early in the process; they seem to be in full R&D mode, just exploring the types of beer they’ll brew. I had a follow-up question about the name, and Kiley said in her email this morning that they were up until midnight brewing. Call it the elbow grease stage.

I wish I had a brewpub within walking distance to my house, but we here in Bend–even though we have more than our share of breweries–just can’t match that.

And of course, so far my prediction about Oregon brewery growth has been pretty right on.