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Beers for Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, and I’ve been thinking about appropriate beers for the season. This is becoming something of a series, since I’ve also written about Valentine’s Day beers and St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ll probably follow up with other major holidays.

Anyway, the first beer the comes to mind as the perfect Halloween beer is Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. It was originally created to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead on November 1, so the time of year for it is spot-on. Plus, it’s really fine beer. I’m thinking I’ll take a six-pack to a Halloween party we’re invited to Saturday night.

Next, I’m thinking maybe Maudite. I’ve never tried it, but I just like the bottle and a stronger ale seems appropriate.

Deschutes Brewery usually brews a Halloween seasonal called Old Sam Hain, but it’s only ever available on tap and I’ve only had it once (I always miss it).

In general, any malty, stronger, hoppy ale would be appropriate, I think. Especially if it’s very orange (or amber-orange)… maybe you could do a black and tan with an orange and black (stout) beer—very Halloween! But definitely look for something with a bite to it…

Five years ago Michael Jackson wrote a similar article: Some beers for Halloween. Many more suggestions to be found there.