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Halloween Week: Beer trick or treats (okay, PR beers I’ve received)

Even though these beers and this type of post isn’t really a Halloween thing, receiving beer is sort of like trick or treating so I thought I’d include them in Halloween Week, what the heck.

The first is a six-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale. You may remember I ran the press release a while back about Newcastle’s "Holiday MAN-ual" for apparently clueless men around the holidays. Here’s the beer I received:

The MAN-ual excerpt I received contains, among other things, a recipe for a "Beer-nog Shooter": fill a clear shot glass half full of Newcastle, and float eggnog on top of that. Then shoot it. I don’t know, it sounds interesting.

I’ll be writing up my thoughts on Newcastle Brown sometime soon.

The other recently-received PR beer is Redhook’s Double Black, for which I posted the press release here. For this one I received a single 22-ounce bottle and—get this—a bar of Dagoba dark chocolate. Trick or treat indeed!

I’m thinking the proper way to review this one is to pair it with the chocolate.