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Halloween Week: Beer costumes

No mention of Halloween could pass without the topic of costumes coming up. Unfortunately, most beer-themed Halloween costumes are—I’ll say it—stupid.

The three men’s type costumes you see in the store most of the time? The beer bottle, beer keg (or can), and (increasingly) the beer pong table. Ugh.

Among other things, they seem like the type of costumes that basically say, "I didn’t put much thought into this."

Take a look to see what I mean:


That last one there—the "Beer Hero"—is a bit more creative, and you’ll see variations (all along the "Duffman" theme). But it’s not that much better.

Women fare little better, though at least the usual Oktoberfest/St. Pauli Girl/dirndl themed costumes are based on actual garb (though usually overly skimpy).

There’s also a female version of the "Beer Hero" costume which is not much better.

Unfortunately, there’s really not much more out there in the way of beer Halloween costumes… I suppose you could go for an Adolphus Busch or Frederick Pabst costume, but those figures aren’t exactly as well-known generally as, say, Colonel Sanders—no one would get it.

Other ideas:

 Anyone else have any ideas that doesn’t involve dressing like a giant can?