Goose Island India Pale Ale

Goose Island India Pale AleGoose Island‘s India Pale Ale is a hoppy, sharp IPA. I found it locally at the World Market and picked up a few, since I was impressed with their Demolition. I wasn’t disappointed! It’s not the best IPA I’ve had, but it’s pretty good.

Appearance: Pours a nice thick head, a creamy off-white color. The beer is orange, relatively clear—only slightly hazy.

Smell: Fresh hops, spicy and green. Grapefruity, lots of Cascade hops.

Taste: Hops and sweet malt. There is that characteristic bitter-grapefruit flavor that comes from the Cascade hops. Strongish. Nice hop aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: Very nice. Creamy, on the thicker side of that elusive phrase, "medium bodied."

Over on BeerAdvocate it has garnered a rating of 86 out of 100, with 97% approval. On RateBeer it scores 3.61 out of 5. Decent all around.

Overall, I’m liking Goose Island’s offerings. I also have their Oatmeal Stout which I’ll review sometime soon.