Goose Island beer in New York

Goose Island beers have (finally?) turned up in New York City, according to this article in New York Daily News. Kind of a puff piece, but good news for New Yorkers.

Two weeks ago, four of the Gooses – Geese? – showed up at local stores in bottled form: Honker’s Ale, India Pale Ale, Demolition Ale and Pere Jacques. They are swell. Appropriately, for beers out of Chicago, they toddle across your taste buds, each in its own tasty way….

And there’s a lot more where these come from. On June 15, to celebrate the brewery’s arrival, the Blind Tiger Ale House in the Village had 10 different G.I.s on tap – and only one of them, the Honker, is among the bottled quartet. (Even though I took tiny samples, I ran out of time after trying eight.)

We visited Goose Island once, a long time back… I don’t remember much, but I do remember liking them.