GoodLife and Worthy Brewing collaboration

On Friday the 25th, one of Bend’s newest breweries, GoodLife Brewing, teamed up with yet-to-open Worthy Brewing to brew up a collaboration beer they’re calling “The Good and Worthy.” I was able to stop by on my lunch break to chat a bit with the brewers (GoodLife’s Curt Plants and new assistant brewer Jeff Schauland, and Worthy’s Chad Kennedy) and grab a few pictures.

The local TV news was there in the morning and has a good article on it (watch the video) including a mention of Central Oregon Beer Week (nice!) but here’s what I can tell you about the beer itself:

  • It’s a Belgian Rye Session Ale, which should turn out to be 4.2 to 4.3% abv;
  • 10% rye in the grain bill;
  • It’s being brewed for the Rye Beer Fest for Portland Beer Week taking place in a couple of weeks, but will also be on tap at GoodLife;
  • Hops being used are (I believe) Crystal and Sterling;
  • The Belgian yeast will become GoodLife’s new “house” Belgian strain and Plants is planning to brew a Belgian Pale Ale with it in a few weeks.

I expect this is going to be a really interesting beer and can’t wait to see it go on tap!

And, some photos:

Good & Worthy brewers
Brewers Jeff Schauland, Chad Kennedy, Curt Plants (l-r)
Chad Kennedy checks the whirlpool
Chad Kennedy checks the whirlpool

Malty workspace

Hops for the whirlpool

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