GoodLife is growing

GoodLife Brewing new tankFor all the attention that the up-and-coming Worthy Brewing has been getting here in Bend (a fair amount from me, admittedly!), it’s great to see expansion happening elsewhere—in particular, GoodLife Brewing issued a press release yesterday talking about their own expansion. And it’s a pretty significant expansion at that; here’s the press release:

Eighteen months after first mixing water, malt, and hops, GoodLife Brewing Company is increasing capacity by over 60% with the addition of new 30 BBL and 120 BBL fermenters.

The new fermentation tanks increase GoodLife’s monthly capacity from 480 barrels to 780 barrels, making their annual capacity 9,360 barrels. Head Brewer, Curt Plants, said, “Exciting things are happening around here. The new 120 BBL will be great for increasing our capacity, but I’m really excited about the new 30 BBL. That tank will give us the freedom to brew new single batch beers as well as a few we have already done.”

GoodLife Brewing will now be able to increase the production of 22oz bottles of Descender IPA and Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Pale Ale. Plants said, “We have seen such a high demand the last few months that we are increasing our packaging from 1,440 cases a month to 2,880 cases.”

One of the things I know GoodLife has struggled a bit with is demand outstripping the capacity, particularly in allowing them to special one-off types of batches. (Hey, it’s a good trade-off to have, if you’re beer is as popular as theirs!) This will definitely help that and I’ll be looking forward to any new concoctions to come out of the brewhouse.

(Images of the tanks and expansion are from their Facebook page.)

GoodLife expansion, panoramic

New tanks at GoodLife