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GoodLife Brewing Company Set to Bottle Descender IPA (Press Release)

I haven’t run too many straight press releases these days, but this files well under Bend beer news: GoodLife Brewing will be releasing their Descender IPA in bottles, joining their Mountain Rescue Pale Ale on the shelves.

GoodLife Brewing Company is excited to announce Descender IPA will be put in 22oz, screen-printed bottles on Wednesday, June 27th.

With Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Pale Ale already in 22oz bottles, GoodLife will have bottles of Descender IPA available before the 4th of July weekend in Oregon via Point Blank Distributing and The Odom Corporation and in Idaho via Idaho Distributing. GoodLife’s Head Brewer, Curt Plants, said “Having Descender in bottles is going to be a game changer for us. People have been wanting it for months, so we are very excited it’s finally available in bottles.”

Be sure to grab a bottle…or three before you head out to live your good life!

And, during Central Oregon Beer Week I snapped a picture of GoodLife at Whole Foods and among the bottles in the center you can see a “concept bottle” for the Descender: a bottle with the label giving an idea what it would look like. The final version will be screen-printed of course.