Ginseng Beer

I noted this when it first appeared, but didn’t blog it (I was still prepping for relaunching this site), and now I’m taking a second look (thanks to this post on Utterly Boring and this one on Rooftop Brew.

Anheuser-Busch is brewing beer infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng. It’s named B-to-the-E, or BE, and will be "Well balanced with select hops and aromas of blackberry, raspberry and cherry, [and] will offer a lightly sweet and tart taste." I have to admit that despite my encouragement of experimentation in brewing lately, this sounds a bit odd. And it will be 6.6 percent alcohol by volume—pretty hefty.

I suppose I’ll try it when it’s released. Gotta keep an open mind, eh?


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