Gear and Gadgets Week

Gear and Gadgets WeekThis week it’s something a little bit different: it’s Gear and Gadgets Week for Theme Week and instead of writing about beer directly, I’ll be writing about the various odds and ends and accoutrements related to beer.

(Though no, despite the image I used in the logo badge there, I won’t be writing about the beer helmet. I mean, the image is immediately identifiable, yes, but really.)

This idea came about because at one point I thought it would be fun to do a "beer gadgets" blog (and seriously considered it for a short while); there are a number of gadget blogs out there (devoted to all sorts of things but mostly tech, naturally) and that seems to be a natural topic to expand into if you’re looking to expand.

However, ultimately I doubt there are enough beer-related gadgets out there to sustain a blog full-time, so the idea fizzled—it’s perhaps too much of a niche. On the other hand, there are certainly enough to sustain a week’s worth of blogging, so…

Gear and Gadgets. Should be a fun one!