GABF winners (Oregon-themed)

The 2006 winners of the Great American Beer Festival were picked and announced Saturday, and Oregon breweries, along with California, Colorado, and Wisconsin, cleaned up. The Belmont Station blog handily posted just the Oregon winners in the various categories (saving me the trouble of weeding them out!). Here’s a quick list of those winning brewers:

In addition, Pelican Pub won "Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Company Brewer of the Year"! The Pelican is definitely becoming a big presence in the Oregon brewing scene. Back in May I wrote that they were probably my favorite brewery (as well as giving them a glowing review).

And, a big congrats to Bend Brewing here locally, for the gold medal for their HopHead Imperial IPA. That rules!

Congrats to all the winners—Oregon’s winners, especially.