Fresh Hops Watch 2017

Visiting Goschie Farms for hops, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve attempted to keep track of the fresh hops beers that are coming out, especially with so many breweries in Oregon these days brewing fresh hop beers. Keeping up to date on the Central Oregon is a bit more manageable, so keep watching this post as I will update it with the latest fresh hop beer, news, and events as they come out.

Beers (brewery, beer, variety, date available)

Known release dates

  1. RiverBend Brewing: Bad to the Bine, Centennial, Sep. 5
  2. Three Creeks Brewing: Cone Lick’r, Centennial, Sep. 8 (draft and bottles)
  3. Bend Brewing: Friends & Fermentation Fresh Hop Double IPA, Cascade and Gargoyle, Sep. 13
  4. Wild Ride Brewing: 3 Sisters Wet Hopped Red Ale, Centennial and Cascade, Sep. 14
  5. RiverBend: Strictly 4 My Nuggets, Nugget, Sep. 14
  6. 10 Barrel Brewing: Fukton, Cetennial and Cascade, Sep. 14
  7. McMenamins: Thundercone Fresh Hop Pale Ale, Cascade, Sep. 15 (draft and cans)
  8. RiverBend: Straight Outta Crosby Fresh Hop IPA, Amarillo, Sep. 15
  9. Wild Ride: Northbound and Down Fresh Hop IPA, Amarillo, Sep. 15
  10. Immersion Brewing: Rollin Freshies, Cascade, Sep. 15
  11. GoodLife: Fresh Hop Descender IPA, Centennial, Sep. 17?
  12. Crux Fermentation Project: Dr. Jack Fresh Hop IPA, Cascade, Sep. 19 (draft and cans)
  13. Cascade Lakes Brewing: Sizzle Juice, (unknown), Sep. 19? (draft and bottles)
  14. Bridge 99 Brewery: Fresh Hop IPA, Cascade, Sep. 20
  15. Deschutes Brewery: Melberg Fresh Hop Gose, Meridian, Sep. 20?
  16. Immersion: Get Along Little Hoppies NE-style IPA, Cascade, Sep. 20
  17. Three Creeks: Hop Wrangler Red, Amarillo, Sep. 22
  18. Crux Fermentation Project: Way Two Fresh, Mosaic and Simcoe, Sep. 27 (draft and cans)
  19. Crux: Delta Fresh Lager, Delta, Sep. 27?
  20. Sunriver Brewing: D’Bomb Fresh Hop IPA, Amarillo, Sep. 27
  21. Kobold: Fresh Hop IPA, Sep. 29
  22. Wild Ride: Journey to Planet Fresh Hop, Cascade and Centennial, ~Sep. 30
  23. GoodLife: 150 Hippies, Simcoe and community hops, ~Sep. 30
  24. McMenamins: Backyard Special Bitter Fresh Hop, Cascade and Nugget, ~Sep. 30
  25. Crux Fermentation Project: Crystal Zwickle, Crystal, Oct. 4 (draft and cans)
  26. Silver Moon Brewing: Hoppopotamus, Cascade, Oct. 2?
  27. Deschutes Brewery: Savin’ Freshies, Centenntial, Oct. 7
  28. Deschutes Brewery: Hop Trip, Crystal, Oct. 7 (draft and bottles)
  29. Deschutes Brewery: Fresh Hop Oktoberfest, Willamette, Oct. 7
  30. Deschutes Brewery: Fresh Hop Mosaic IPA, Mosaic, Oct. 7
  31. Deschutes Brewery: PDX Fresh Hop Laber, Oct. 7
  32. Bend Brewing: Fresh Hop Annex IPA
  33. Crux Fermentation Project: Off the Fence, Cascade
  34. Deschutes Brewery: Chasin’ Freshies
  35. Deschutes Brewery: Fresh Hop American Wheat, experimental #431
  36. Sunriver: D’Kine Fresh Hop IPA, Mosaic
  37. Worthy Brewing: Hop Gusher, Crystal
  38. Cascade Lakes: Frog Water, Cascade (draft and bottles)
  39. Ochoco: Fresh hop, Comet, Centennial, Cascade
  40. Smith Rock Brewing: Fresh Hop Belay IPA
  41. Smith Rock Brewing: Fresh Hop Cascadia IPA, Cascade


(See also the list of this year’s various fresh hop fests that I’ve tracked down.)