Off to Florida tomorrow

Ah, we’re quite the travelers this year: tomorrow we’re flying out to Florida for a week. We’ll be visiting my wife’s grandparents near Fort Lauderdale and yes, taking some time to drive up to Orlando for Disney World.

It probably goes without saying that I won’t be online much, or at all. We’re taking the laptop, but time and connectivity may not permit much. I’m not too devastated by this.

And from a beer standpoint, I’m not too hopeful anyway; there’s not many breweries listed online, and I kind of doubt we’ll have the time to check any out. If we do, though, I’ll write about them if I get the chance.


  1. If you need any pointers for good beer spots near the attractions–or want to grab a beer w/a fellow beer blooger–let me know! You’ll actually be in a good spot for british pubs.

    Oh yeah, there isn’t crap for brew pubs or breweries here. The closest is the Yuengling brewery in Tampa–only open on weekdays for tours for some odd reason…

  2. D’oh! I totally missed the boat on this one. Sadly, I didn’t have any real internet connection, so I was pretty out of touch. Maybe next time.

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