My first press kit

A while back I was contacted by a marketing group interested in sending out test bottles of a new beer to bloggers—basically a clueful buzz-generating effort that’s been paying off in other venues. I signed up for it, with the understanding that I’d be free to blog anything I wanted about the beer—even if it was negative.

Well, I got the package today. Very impressive! I’m going to post some pictures of the packaging later, and I’ll probably not drink the beer itself until tomorrow. The beer is Heineken Light. Now, I am admittedly not a huge fan of Heineken, but I do find it preferable to other Euro lagers like Grolsch or Amstel Light, and I’ll certainly drink it if offered. (Just gotta watch out for the potentially-skunked bottles, being green and all.)

That said, I’m looking forward to trying it out. Part of it is reading other bloggers’ accounts of getting the test beer: Alan’s and Chris’ (who also has pictures of his own). So later today look for my post with pictures, and then tomorrow night I should have the review of the beer online. Along with the press release that came with it.