February Theme Week ideas

I’m casting about for ideas for this month’s Theme Week, which starts (as always) on the third Monday: February 18th. (Which also happens to be President’s Day here in the U.S.)

One of my first thoughts was to do a "Fruit Beer" theme, in honor of Valentine’s Day. (Or perhaps a "Valentine’s Theme"—fruit beers, chocolate beers, like that.) But I’m not that organized, and February isn’t exactly the month for fruit beers anyway, seasonally speaking.

Since Deschutes released their Buzzsaw Brown early this year, and since I’ve also seen BridgePort’s Beertown Brown appear on the shelves recently, I may opt for a "Brown Ale" theme. But it still seems a little early for that.

The other possibility I’ve been thinking about for some time is a "Canned Beer" theme. Naturally, I’m thinking beyond the American macros that come in cans… both Caldera Brewing and Oskar Blues are microbrewers known for their canned beers (and quite good ones, at that), and there are a fair number of imports that come in cans, as well.

The Canned Beer idea is sounding pretty good.


  1. My vote is for canned beer. Not the macros – you already did those. I love the Oskar Blues. But I haven’t had a lot of luck getting other canned micros around here. Even though New England Brewing Company (http://www.newenglandbrewing.com/) is from my home state of Connecticut, they’re just not in the beer stores around here. I’ve asked, and been told they just didn’t sell. There must still be a big stigma against cans, thanks to the BMC Crew.

  2. Could do something on beer and love. My betrothed and I had a rather remarkable first date (though inadvertent) in a pub in Chicago over Guinnesses. For Valentines.

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