Eugene Beer Week?

Why didn’t anyone tell me there was a Eugene Beer Week, and that it’s next week? With a really nice lineup of events, too. Somehow, completely off my radar… I might have to turn in my beer blogging badge…

This is the first Oregon-based “Beer Week” that I’ve seen, and I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen in Portland first. Regardless, this looks pretty impressive; too bad Eugene isn’t very convenient to me (particularly during the week).

Of course this just reinforces my conviction that there needs to be a Bend Beer Week, which I’ve been saying for a while now. We have a lot of great breweries and a thriving beer culture (not to mention the Bend Ale Trail), it’s definitely time.


  1. BendBeerWeek has a nice ring. Come to Eugene on Friday and just kill it Fri/Sat!!!!! Next year I hope we get the Bend Cycle Pub out to Eugene! If Bend organizes a beer week, I will be there! – Mike

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