Ecliptic Brewing 2018 Beer Lineup

Ecliptic Brewing 2018 beer schedule

The calendars keep rolling in! Ecliptic Brewing, from Portland, Oregon, released their 2018 lineup, with four year-round beers (plus a fifth, a cask style which I assume is only available at the brewery), four seasonals, and a slew of specialties and collaborations. It looks like a solid all-around lineup, which is what I expect from Ecliptic.

Here is the press release with further details:

The past year was a busy one for Ecliptic Brewing and 2018 is looking to shape up no differently. Their 2018 beer calendar reveals the return of all year-round beers and some exciting changes to the seasonal and special release selections.

Ecliptic is starting the year with two new seasonal beers back to back, Phaser Hazy IPA and Espacio Mexican Style Lager with Lime Zest. In response to the emphatic success of Quasar Pale Ale and Filament Winter IPA, fans can expect to see these return for the second half of 2018.

Getting even more creative in the brewhouse, the Special Release and Cosmic Collaboration Series will bring to the table some new styles and flavors. Beer with fruit and spices, a special Fifth Orbit beer, and out of this world collaborations with Reuben’s Brews and Modern Times are a few of the things to look forward to. Also, expect to see beers like UltraViolet Blackberry Sour Ale and Oort Imperial Stout reappear for 2018.

“We wanted to bring back the favorites but also introduce some new beers to our lineup,” said Owner and Brewmaster, John Harris. “The philosophy at Ecliptic has always been to continually push the limits of creativity and in 2018 we definitely plan to do that.”

Explore the 2018 Ecliptic Brewing Release Calendar here.

In addition to the below mentioned beers, Ecliptic will continue to release beers from their barrel-aging program as part of the Reserve Series.

All the Time Series

Orbiter IPA
Starburst IPA
Capella Porter
Carina Peach Sour Ale

Seasonal Series

Phaser Hazy IPA (Jan-Mar)
Espacio Mexican Lager with Lime Zest (Apr-May)
Quasar Pale Ale (June-mid Sept)
Filament Winter IPA (mid Sept-Dec)

Special Release/Cosmic Collaboration (Listed in order of release)

Oort Imperial Stout
Hypernova Triple IPA
Ecliptic + Reuben’s Cosmic Collaboration
Moon Base Blood Orange Saison
Comet Calala Passionfruit Imperial Wit
UltraViolet Blackberry Sour Ale
Ecliptic + Modern Times Cosmic Collaboration
Fifth Orbit Anniversary Beer
TBD Belgian Quad with Spices
Orange Giant Barleywine Ale

The collaborations are still TBD, so will be interesting to watch to see what they come up with.