Duff Beer on eBay

No, not really. An Australian woman was busted for selling a non-existent case of Duff Beer three times on eBay. From Mum caught in Duff beer scam:

A mother raising funds to buy her children Christmas presents sold a non-existent carton of Homer Simpson’s favourite brew Duff Beer three times on eBay, a court has been told….

Australian breweries in the mid-1990s released their own versions of Duff beer until legal action was taken by the creators of The Simpsons and the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

Duff beer is now a collector’s item and cartons can sell for as much as $1000 on eBay, while one empty and damaged can was for sale today for $15.

Note to potential eBay fraudsters: don’t use your real name, address or email if you’re planning on ripping people off.