If you were stranded on a desert isle…

An offbeat post this evening. If you were stranded on a desert isle, and for some gonzo reason you could have a large supply ("large" is open to interpretation) of any three beers, which beers would you choose, and why?

Here are mine:

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon. It’s the better of the cheap beers out there, and you’ll never know when you need a cheap beer in a pinch—for cleaning something, cooking, or as a weapon. Plus, those empty aluminum cans sure could be useful somehow.
  • Shakespeare Stout. You gotta have a stout, they’re almost a meal in themselves and are therefore oh-so-useful when stranded. Plus they go well with food—oysters especially, shellfish in general, which you’ll likely find in abundance on your island. Rogue’s version is one of the best around, plus they come in handy 22-ounce bottles.
  • Third choice is tough. I think I’d want to go with an amber ale or a pale ale style, like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or perhaps Fat Tire Amber Ale. Something with substance and flavor to it, but not overly strong.

So, let’s hear ’em! What three beers would you choose? Leave a comment here or post on your blogs.


  1. Maybe Jon is just a fan of the movie Blue Velvet?

    Seriously, my 3 choices would be:
    1) Fuller’s London Porter
    2) Makeson’s XXX Stout
    3) Dogfish Aprihop
    Not necessarily in that order, but those are my ‘current’ three favorites.

  2. I’d have to go with one massive beer, one uriney beer and one all-round drinkable one. Keeping that in mind, my three choices would be:

    1) North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
    2) Pabst Blue Ribbon (because I agree with Jon on all fine points he made about it)
    3) Deschutes Mirror Pond

    Sure, that’ll do.

  3. 1. Franziskaner. Great on a hot day.
    2. Anchor Porter. Porters make me feel good. This could be important on a desert isle.
    3. PBR. I hate the stuff, but at least it would motivate me to get off the island and get some better beer!

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