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Deschutes news

I just posted a Deschutes Brewery press release over on the Press Releases page (did you notice? It’s where I’ve been posting those press releases being sent to me—just like I threatened) that I thought was interesting and worth a closer look.

(Of course, I’m pretty partial to Deschutes Brewery. But you already knew that.)

The press release is regarding the imminent release of Hop Henge and its new label, coming up in January, and interestingly, this new batch is being dubbed an "Experimental IPA". It’s a new recipe this time around:

The new formulation is the epitome of the brewery’s experimental style and commitment to innovation, while gratifying their unquenchable thirst for beautifully balanced hoppy beers. The newest incarnation of Hop Henge uses several new hop processes and techniques to create a truly unique and unexpected beer.

I can’t wait to try it. It’s 8.75% alcohol and will be available in 22-ounce bottles.

That’s not all! There are a few other interesting tidbits floating out there. The same press release mentions Red Chair IPA, to be bottled and released in June; it’s commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Mt. Bachelor ski resort, and I can say, after having a preview of it, it’s really good.

And, also appearing in January (from this earlier press release) is Buzzsaw Brown. It seems like Buzzsaw just keeps getting earlier and earlier; didn’t it used to get released in March? At 4.8% alcohol, it’s just over half that of Hop Henge, but it’s still a tasty session beer.

Finally, check out that new Hop Henge label: