Deschutes’ new Mirror Pond packaging

BeerAdvocate is schooling me; I live in the same town as Deschutes Brewery yet I’m getting news about them from a site based in Boston! The news I’m talking about is a new look the brewery is rolling out for Mirror Pond Pale Ale:

Bend’s Deschutes Brewery unveiled a new label for its award-winning Mirror Pond Pale Ale this week. The label depicts the actual Mirror Pond, a tranquil stretch of the Deschutes River that runs through Drake Park in the heart of the Central Oregon community. The original labels showed a stylized view of the Three Sisters Mountains reflected in the still waters of a mountain lake.

They also include an image of the new label. It’s kind of hard to tell, but as near as I can see it is representative of Mirror Pond here in Bend. I’ve included the image here, along with the "older" label that’s still on the bottles, to compare and contrast (the new one is on the right):

Mirror Pond Pale Ale, old and new label

Looks good, I like it. For a further point of reference, here’s an actual picture of Mirror Pond (one of the most well-known/iconic shots of Bend overall, actually):

Mirror Pond, Bend, Oregon

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