Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPAHave you had Deschutes Brewery’s Fresh Squeezed IPA yet? I’ve had it on tap a number of times already but since Deschutes also sent me a bottle I scratched down some notes to relate here. Of course it occurred to me after I wrote my Session post last Friday that this review would have been the perfect accompaniment to it, since Fresh Squeezed fits all the points I talked about for one of the reasons I think IPA matters.

Ah, well. It’s a delicious beer and underscores all those points I mentioned in that post, in that Deschutes knows how to get at the delicious flavorful character of hops and not just the bitterness. And it’s not a killer of an IPA either: it’s only 6% abv and 60 IBUs—though as much hoppiness as you find here, you’d think there was more.

It pours a deep copper-orange, bright and clear, with a clotted cream head of foam. The aroma is incredibly juicy, with citrus and tropical fruits and a touch of that signature catty/sweatty character. It’s super fragrant, you can smell it before it even gets near your nose.

When you taste it, you’ll get that lusciously malty, bready body (Jeff calls it a “sweet IPA” because of this) balanced with bright and fruity hops. I don’t want to use “juicy” too much because the symbolism would just be hitting you over the head repeatedly, but it’s there. It’s mellow and light, perfect for summer, with just the right amount of sweet balanced with the green bitterness and fruity hops.

Seek this out if you haven’t already!

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  1. Ok I’m sold. This sounds like the kind of IPA I can get into. I like IPA but so many now days are just so over the top finding a good one isn’t always easy. As several posts lately have pointed out there is some merit to the idea of IPA saturation or IPA overboard.

    However, a good IPA is still a great beer and worth seeking out, its just too bad there are so many IPA’s out there just for the sake of being an IPA. I have yet to find a Deschutes beer I didn’t like so I’m looking forward to finding this one in Cali. I also appreciate it isn’t a blow your head off 9% abv, and at 6% I can enjoy a couple.

    Jon thanks for the review and I hope I find this fresh squeezed IPA in a store or bar near me soon.

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