Deschutes Brewery’s beer in (new) cans (press release)

Deschutes Brewery cans

I reported in my beer news post on Monday that Deschutes Brewery is now official with canned beer, as word rolled out through their social media channels that Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Fresh Squeezed IPA, and Pacific Wonderland Lager are all now available in 12-ounce cans.

Deschutes issued the official press release shortly thereafter, with additional can imagery and even a jump-scare headline that made at least a few people pause.

Deschutes Brewery to stop brewing Mirror Pond Pale Ale,
Pacific Wonderland Lager and Fresh Squeezed IPA
(exclusively in bottles)
New can line available for purchase in pubs, tasting rooms; soon at retail

BEND, Oregon – Deschutes Brewery announces three of its main beer brands are now being offered in new, lightweight aluminum cans. Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Pacific Wonderland Lager and Fresh Squeezed IPA are currently available for purchase in cans at all public houses and tasting rooms in Bend and Portland, Oregon.

Shipments of beer in cans will begin from the Bend production facility on Feb. 19 to distributors nationwide and will appear in retail stores and other establishments shortly after. All three beers will continue to be sold in bottles.

“We are excited that the new bad ass aluminum packaging will arrive just in time for spring and summer outdoor activities, where the lighter cans can be more easily transported anywhere, for any occasion.” said Michael LaLonde, president and CEO of Deschutes Brewery.

Cans will be available for purchase everywhere Deschutes beer is currently sold and at new establishments where glass bottles were not previously allowed.

“I think we may be the last brewery to put beer in cans,” said LaLonde, “but hey, when you’re focus is all about making the beer damn tasty, new packaging may take a little longer.”

I have to say, these are pretty handsome-looking cans; the branding lends itself really well to can format.

Deschutes Brewery cans

Deschutes Brewery cans and packaging

And I still expect to see Black Butte Porter in a can soon…

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