Deschutes Brewery’s 2017 Beer Lineup

Deschutes Brewery 2017 release schedule

Deschutes Brewery has announced their 2017 beer lineup today, which includes some new additions along with the news of a few beers (including one popular one) that are being discontinued to make room in the lineup. Here is the full press release:

The brewing team at Deschutes Brewery has been busy, as usual, over the last few months. The culmination of brewing creativity and pub patron approval has resulted in some new additions to the brewery’s lineup for the coming year, joining the return of iconic fan favorites.

These new beers include:

  • Pacific Wonderland Lager (Mainline Series, year-round): The brewery’s first widely distributed lager, this sessionable beer was inspired by the Pacific Northwest with citrusy Tettnang Mandarina hops providing an unexpected twist on a crisp, bright lager.
  • Swivelhead Red (Bond Street Series, March- August): The label alone on this beer is enough to make your head spin, but cracking open the bottle is when the real magic happens with an herbal hop aroma and smooth caramel maltiness. (Follows Sagefight Imperial IPA in the rotation)
  • Passionfruit IPA (Bond Street Series, draft only, May-August): This delectable easy-drinker boasts a fruity and tropical aroma, set off by a quartet of hops: Cascade, Azacca, Galaxy and Vic’s Secret.
  • Cultivateur (Reserve Series, March): What our brewers have dubbed a “Provision Saison”, Culutivateur is a blend of old and new saisons, aged in oak with brettanomyces and is the first beer to graduate from our small batch experimental Pub Reserve series.

The brewery is also switching up its popular variety pack, on shelves in select locations, to include a mouthwatering mix of Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Fresh Squeezed IPA and Pacific Wonderland Lager (March). Hop Slice Summer Ale, which debuted for the first time in bottles last year, will be reformulated to be even more refreshing, and Armory XPA continues its experimental journey with a brand-new experimental hop (June).

To make room for all these new creations, the brewery is discontinuing its 22-ounce bottle offerings of Hop Henge Experimental IPA, Down N Dirty IPA, and Big Rig Pub Ale. Deschutes River Ale will also be removed from the lineup this spring.

The calendar that I snagged the image above from is located here (PDF).

I’m most excited by the addition of the Pacific Wonderland Lager to the year-round lineup, because it will be the first such lager released by the Brewery (and is a much needed addition, in my opinion). I’ve had Pacific Wonderland on tap at the Bend Pub and it is a good beer.

Swivelhead Red—this is the first I’ve seen of this beer, and it makes me think of Cinder Cone Red (which was a classic). We’ll see how that fares. As for the Passionfruit IPA… I’m not sure we need another fruited India pale ale but I’ll wait until I taste it.

The last paragraph, detailing the beers going away, is notable, and I’m actually pretty surprised that Hop Henge Experimental IPA is one of the discontinued beers! I believe this was a popular annual release and one many looked forward to; though to be fair this beer has been around since 2006, so perhaps that popularity was entirely local to Central Oregon (like Twilight Ale which was similarly long-lasting which was discontinued last summer).

Be on the lookout for Pacific Wonderland which should be hitting shelves now.


  1. Jubelale avaliable Oct through Decemeber………bawhahahahahahahahaha. Oh Jesus that’s a fantastic joke. More like November and a week or two in December

    1. Where are you located? I picked up a case late-ish in December just before Christmas at Costco. It was gone shortly after that.

      At least it’s not hitting the shelves in late August/early September any more!

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