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Deschutes Brewery introduces their “Street Pub”

At first blush I thought Deschutes Brewery’s new Street Pub had taken a page from Silver Moon Brewing and their Moon Rover “pop up pub”—which in turn took a page from Deschutes’ own Woody, the giant mobile keg-tavern—but this Street Pub is taking the concept to an epic level.

We’re super excited to announce that we’re setting up shop in your town for one day! That’s right, we’re bringing our outdoor pub of epic proportions to each of the cities below for an all out block party. Crafted from reclaimed wood and steel, our Street Pub will be a one-stop-shop to try several of our beers – from the coveted Reserve Series rarities (think The Abyss) all the way to year-round favorites like Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Pair those beers up with culinary creations from our Executive Chef, Jeff Usinowicz, and live local music – and you have a street party that’s truly “crafted for community.”

In each city we’ll partner with a local charity so you’ll be drinking for a good cause. The amount of money raised will be determined by how much beer we sell. So, grab your friends and check out the Street Pub when it rolls through your town.

The heart of this Street Pub concept is the bar, which their accompanying teaser video highlights (and which I’ve embedded below)—but this is no mere mobile bar top they can throw up just anywhere: with 4,296 feet of reclaimed oak, 10,000 pounds of steel, and 40 taps, this bar is apparently 400+ feet long! (I’m getting that 400-plus number from the Street Pub event listings here.)

To put it another way: this is bigger and has more than twice as many taps as the main Bend Pub bar.

The Street Pub block parties will start in Bend on May 9 and then head to the east coast and make their way westward. Here’s the schedule:

And the video: