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Deschutes 22.5 Proof Bourbon Quadrupel

Read this description:

Whiskey and beer have a lot in common. This Belgian Quadruple was aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 2 months. When we pulled it out, we decided it was too good to blend off. So here it is in cask strength and uncarbonated: 7 oz. served with 2 ice cubes. You may have it neat if you wish.
IBU’s 31 | Alcohol by Vol. 11.23%

Now look at this picture:

(Yes, that is ice floating in the glass.)

Last night Deschutes Brewery put this on their X-Tap at their Bend Pub, so we basically rushed down so I could try it. This is possibly one of the most experimental beers I’ve ever heard of—at least from a commercial brewery—and it is one of the most interesting beers I’ve yet tasted from Deschutes.

The nose is very bourbon-y; you wouldn’t guess beer if it was handed to you blind. But it’s not overpowering, more tantalizing: you keep wanting to smell it.

The flavor is “bourbon” as well, but not entirely: like a cross between a sweet strong Belgian beer with scotch whiskey, long notes of the wood, but it is neither “beer” nor “bourbon” to any extreme degree. My wife even said so, and she doesn’t like either drinks. In fact, she kept sipping at it before I even tried(!).

It’s superbly sippable, tastes very good, and even the ice cubes add to the experience. Not to be missed, and I’ll be surprised if the keg lasts the weekend (or even the day). However, the price is steep at $8 for a snifter, so keep that in mind as you’re drinking it.