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There’s been a number of other blogs mentioning this already: Travel Oregon is promoting a “Cuisinternship” contest wherein winners get to participate in a week-long “cuisine internship” under a variety of categories. I’ve posted the press release here. Since this is a beer blog, however, I must point out one of the seven internships is with Jamie Emmerson of Full Sail Brewing; you basically get to follow him around for a week and help him make beer.

(Two other categories that would likely be of interest to beer folks—they certainly are to me, anyway—are “Winemaker” and “Distiller”. The wine internship is with Penner-Ash Wine Cellars, and the distilling one with Bendistillery.)

Oh, did I mention the week-long trips are all expenses paid?

The full itinerary of the Brewmaster Cuisinternship can be found on its contest page. Definitely looks like it would keep you busy. Unfortunately, I don’t see any slot for “develop a beer”: how cool would it be for the winner to help create a unique (limited release) beer to serve in the pub?