Cruxapalooza – Crux’s 1st anniversary

Crux 1st anniversary partyHard to believe it’s been a year already that Crux Fermentation Project has opened its doors here in Bend, but it really has and in that time they’ve risen to be one of the best (if not the best) new brewpubs in Central Oregon with an amazing lineup of beers, good food, and great views from their one-of-a-kind facility.

This Saturday the 29th they are celebrating their one-year anniversary with “Cruxapalooza II” (the first one was their launch party last year), featuring their own music festival on the Crux property all day long from 11:30am until 10pm. There will be food carts and grilling, and beers of course—including a few specialties.

And best of all it’s free! (Well, you’ll still need money for food and drinks, of course.) There may not be a better way to spend a beery day in Bend this weekend!