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Cream Ale Week

Welcome to Cream Ale Week! All this week I’ll be reviewing and writing about Cream Ales, the light “hybrid” style of American golden or blonde beers (why it’s considered something of a hybrid style is something I’ll cover this week as well).

Why Cream Ales in the middle of winter? Well, why not? I’m drinking strong beers as much as the next guy, but at the same time it seems like every other news item is “strongest beer this” and “barrel-aged that”—sometimes you just need a breather, and take time to celebrate a session beer.

Plus I’ve been interested in the style lately; simple and unassuming, many might turn up their nose at it because it’s similar to the “fizzy yellow beer” of the industrial macro lager—and if so, they’re missing out. A Cream Ale might be a fairly basic recipe to brew, but it’s unforgiving of mistakes (i.e., easy to screw up!). Getting it right is an accomplishment.

So read along this week, and seek out some Cream Ales to try yourself. You might be surprised.