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Congrats to Oregon’s winners at the 2017 GABF

The Great American Beer Festival awards ceremony took place today, announcing the winners of a competition that has a rather amazing set of logisitics behind it for a beer judging event:

First off, huge congratulations to all of the winners this year: to be able to stand out among nearly 8,000 other beers is an accomplishment and a testament to the quality of beer you were able to put out this year! I hope to taste many of those winning beers someday.

But then of course, as we beer geeks are wont to do, I need to highlight all of my regional Oregon breweries for the medals they were able to win today as well. In particular, I’m especially proud of my local (to Central Oregon) Sunriver Brewing, who not only won two gold medals but also won the Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year! That’s pretty amazing and if you haven’t had Sunriver beers yet, well, what’s keeping you?

Here are the Oregon winners, as sent out by the Oregon Brewers Guild:

Some really good beers on this list to look for, and go drink. Although I do have to wonder what the difference between a “Double Red Ale” and “Imperial Red Ale” actually are. (Ultimately, I guess it’s like a “double” versus a fuller bodied “triple” version.)

Good job, Oregon!