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Coming soon to Bend: Immersion Brewing

Word of the latest brewery-in-planning to come to Bend, Oregon, has hit the streets in earnest within the past week or so: Immersion Brewing, which will combine a Brew-It-Yourself setup allowing people to come in and brew their own beer in the you-brew model along with a 10-barrel brewing system and kitchen to offer the full brewpub experience as well. (At first I took them to only be a brew-on-premise operation.) Similar in concept to the Portland U-Brew & Pub but on a larger scale.

Here’s some snippets from their site with details:

Owners Sean, Rachael, and Amanda are excited to bring this beer-crazed town yet another fantastic brewery, along with a unique Brew-it-Yourself experience.

Brew-It-Yourself on our professional grade, copper kettles by reserving a 2-hour brew experience. We offer over 30 house recipes to choose from and the knowledge of an experienced brewer to guide you through the process. Customize your own recipe or give us an idea of your tastes and our brewer will develop a recipe just for you.

Drink craft beer created from our 10-barrel brewing system. Our brewing system, made right here in Oregon, enables us to offer unique craft beers with rotating specialty and seasonal beers. Stop by anytime and enjoy a pint!

Eat great food from our full pub-style family kitchen. What’s a good beer without tasty eats to go with it? Our food will pair perfectly with our great selection of beers on tap.

They are planning to open in the Old Mill Marketplace on the edge of the Old Mill District, next door to the new tasting room that Atlas Cider is building, and less than half a mile away from Crux Fermentation Project and even closer to the former Old Mill Brew Wërks location (which will soon be housing the new Craft Kitchen and Brewery that’s taking OMBW’s place). (And with Rat Hole Brewpub roughly the same distance away as Crux, the Old Mill is turning into quite the little beer destination!)

Here are details they have on the brew-on-premise model:

The brewing process takes about 2 hours, after which the fermentation will take place in our climate controlled fermentation room. Our brewery staff will monitor your beer and prepare it for your bottling appointment about 2-3 weeks later. We will work with you to create custom labels for your new brew. When you return for your bottling session your beer will already be chilled, carbonated, and ready to enjoy! It takes about 45 minutes to bottle, and you will leave with 48 bottles (4 cases) of beer!

(I should point out that unless they are likely referring to 22-ounce bottles with 12 to a case, because 48 12-ounce bottles only amounts to two cases of beer.)

Two hours is pretty quick for a brew session if you’re doing all-grain, and that definitely does not account for cleanup, so that could be a sweet deal if you get to get in, brew, and miss out on the cleanup!

I’ll post more as I get additional details, so keep an eye out.