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Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Via Utterly Boring comes this article about Sam Adams’ new Chocolate Bock (I’m not linking to the original article on because the site has that dumb "register before accessing" form on it):

Limited-edition specialty product from the 20-year-old Boston Beer Co., arguably the most significant player in the craft-brew movement. A marriage of Samuel Adams beer and Scharffen Berger Chocolate of Berkeley, Calif., this brew has won awards at several international beer festivals. It comes in an attractive 25-ounce bottle with a cast pewter label, making it a great gift for beer fans.

Why hoist one: Yes, it does taste like chocolate, but the initial sweetness gives way to a more complex blend of roasted malts with a hint of coffee and vanilla. Low carbonation. Smooth brew doesn’t reveal its 7 percent alcohol level.

It’s limited edition, so if you can find one, it’ll be about $15 a bottle.