Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA

Of the 12(!) fresh hop beers that Deschutes Brewery will be brewing this year, only two are making it to bottles: Hop Trip, which has of course been their go-to fresh hop ale since (at least) 2005, and a new one: Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA. This is replacing last year’s Fresh Hop Mirror Pond though it’s using the same original Cascades hop strain that the Mirror Pond used. From the tip sheet:

Born in a ski town, Deschutes Brewery knows what it’s like to be endlessly in pursuit of untouched perfection – chasing pristine powder slopes on mountain flanks. In similar fashion, Deschutes’ chased the perfect hops for this new beer – growing heirloom Cascade hops from the original plant strain at Willamette Valley’s Goschie Farms. Chasin’ Freshies, which first appeared in the Bend pub, is a nod to the snow enthusiasts we’ve entertained for the last two-plus decades at our downtown gathering spot. A beautiful IPA that is packed full of fresh specially-grown Cascade hops, this ale is perfect for those who like it bright, deep and fresh. There aren’t any groomers mucking it up around here – just unblemished flavor.

Chasin' Freshies label

The beer itself will appear in 22-ounce bombers in October, and it will be 7.2% alcohol by volume and 65 IBUs.

And I have to wonder if this it indicative of a larger trend by Deschutes: each year in addition to Hop Trip bottling up a different popular fresh hop beer (and possibly using the heritage Cascades). Both Fresh Hop Mirror Pond and Chasin’ Freshies have appeared in years past, well before they were bottled, and were popular when they came out. So: a trend? I hope so!

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