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Chad Kennedy and Bend’s east side brewery

Thanks to an article in my local paper, we can connect the dots on Chad Kennedy’s brewery project here in Bend—and they connect up to Roger Worthington’s proposed east side brewery and beer garden.

The article is (again) behind a paywall, but I can give you some choice quotes:

Plans to open Worthy Brewing LLC, named after attorney Roger Worthington, who owns the land where the brewery will be built, are moving forward after talks between Worthington and city planning officials in recent months, said the brewer leading the project, Chad Kennedy.

Kennedy left Laurelwood Brewing Co. in northeast Portland after working as brewmaster for about five years to work with Worthington on this project. The new brewery will be located on an empty lot east of Northeast 27th Street along U.S. Highway 20.

Kennedy said Worthington will focus on the financial side of the operation, which will include a 25- or 30-barrel production facility, a beer garden and a tasting room, among other features, on the 26,000-square-foot lot.

Kennedy said Worthy Brewing could open in late 2012 or early 2013.

In addition to the usual suspect of PNW beers, Kennedy plans on brewing experimental beers as well.

This news collapses the two entries I had in the “Central Oregon Breweries” sidebar into one, but it’s good news in that the east side brewery looks to be definitely moving forward—something I can get excited about.