Central Oregon Brewers Guild officially announced

Central Oregon Brewers GuildThis hit the local news yesterday: Central Oregon Brewers Guild Formed. This could be big: Not only has the Bend and Central Oregon brewery scene exploded (look at the list in the the sidebar, which I try to keep up to date, to see how many we have here—and how many have yet to open), but at the same time we’re geographically more isolated than other parts of the state, so having a local guild that sees to the local interests and still works with the main Oregon Brewers Guild makes sense.

“We want people to think ‘craft beer’ when they hear ‘Central Oregon,’” said Garrett Wales, COBG President and partner of 10 Barrel Brewing Company. “We have this amazing camaraderie and talent among the Central Oregon Brewers, so a local Guild makes perfect sense for our region. We’re creating a craft beer culture because we’ve become one of the industry’s flourishing brewing communities in the United States.”

According to Wales, The COBG will serve as the Central Oregon voice for the industry, providing local representation, education, promotion and collaboration. The Guild is set up to advocate for local brewers’ needs and establish positive partnerships with industry leaders, community members, retailers and legislators. The brewers of Central Oregon will continue to support the Oregon Brewers Guild while building the local organization to help cultivate and strengthen the region’s craft beer culture.

The COBG website is here, and is still being fleshed out.

Long-term implications? I don’t know yet. More events, more advocacy certainly; more beer I’m quite sure!