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CDA Week: Three Creeks 8 Second IBA (mini review)

This past weekend, we traveled over to Sisters to have lunch at Three Creeks Brewing and thinking of CDA Week, one of the beers I ordered was the 8 Second IBA (India Black Ale). This was one of their first beers on tap when they opened (and was the first CDA style of beer that I know of brewed in Central Oregon) and is described on their website thusly:

This unique style is truly an original creation. Dave started with a big IPA, darkened up the malt package on a whim and went crazy adding more than 2 lbs of hops per barrel. This dark, bullish creation is sure to please anyone that’s willing to ride.

I first (and last) tried 8 Second when I first reviewed Three Creeks, back in 2008. Here’s my one line note from then:

8 Second IBA: “India Black Ale”—Good, unusual. More “black” than an IPA in body (i.e. lighter/thinner), but nicely hoppy and worth another look whenever I go back. 6.6% ABV.

The previous time (or two?) we’d been back before this weekend, I want to say the 8 Second had been removed from the regular lineup, so this weekend it was on as a seasonal/specialty beer. Which was serendipitous. However, I only wrote (another) one-line review:

More chocolatey and fruity with clean bitter profile. (Brown with hops)

Helpful, huh? It’s a well-done beer but not as intense as Widmer’s Pitch Black IPA, with more of a rounder, smoother flavor profile.