Silver Moon is bottling

Central Oregon brewpub Silver Moon Brewing—whom I’ve mentioned several times around these parts—has broken through the "brewpub boundaries" and is bottling some of their beers in 22-ounce bombers. (Previously, you could find growlers at some of the better-beer-selection stores around here.) My friends Paul and Sandi had mentioned this to … Continue reading

Flying Dog PR (six-)package

Friday I received the latest promotional package from Flying Dog: six beers highlighting the new Kerberos Tripel release, the new Canis Major 4-Pack container (containing one each of their Canis Major series, of which Kerberos is one), and two additional beers that won awards at this year’s World Beer Cup. … Continue reading

Trader José’s

Consider this my Cinco de Mayo post—though I actually missed the boat on the beer and was drinking some "Jose Cuervo Golden" margaritas. (The pre-mixed one they sell, rather than homemade.) Last week I noticed Trader Joe’s had two new house beers under the label "Trader José’s." They’re Mexican style … Continue reading

Tuesday Tidbits

(With apologies to Stan’s "Monday Morning Musings" and Rick’s "Tuesday Tastings" and others who have themes of that sort. "Tuesday Tidbits" is not going to be a regular named feature here. I don’t think. I just liked the alliteration.) → Don’t forget this Friday, May 2nd, is the 15th Session. … Continue reading

Promotional beers from Deschutes

Time to start catching up on my blogging! I mentioned in this month’s Session that Deschutes had sent me some promotional bottles of the new Green Lakes Organic Ale (which I reviewed for that Session); in addition to the three bottles of Green Lakes, though, there were three bottles of … Continue reading

Oh! I almost forgot John’s Marketplace

When we went to Portland last month, I promised to get some better quality pictures of John’s Marketplace if we went; I did, and here are a few. These are, of course, the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of beer there. And incidentally, here’s a list of what … Continue reading

More on the Deschutes experiment

Following up on my post Thursday about Deschutes Brewery’s experimental Mirror Pond trials… to recap, Deschutes is offering customers the chance to rate and comment on two new pale ale recipes, to possibly improve the flagship Mirror Pond Pale Ale. One of my concerns/questions was, does Mirror Pond need tinkering … Continue reading

Vote on an experimental beer at Deschutes Brewery

Perusing Deschutes Brewery’s Now Pouring page tonight, I was very surprised to see this: Mirror Pond Pale Ale Experimental Trials! We here at Deschutes Brewery are always looking at ways to improve our beer, this includes our flagship brand Mirror Pond Pale. We are trying to provide a pale that … Continue reading

End of the week news and links

Catching up on a few things I haven’t blogged about in the past couple of weeks, some of which everybody and his brother already mentioned. Matt Venzke won Wynkoop Brewing‘s "Beer Drinker of the Year" contest. The Yorktown, Virginia man beat out other finalists including Oregon beer drinker J. Mark … Continue reading

Portland for the weekend

That’s right, we’re heading up to Beervana for the long weekend. Mostly just a relaxing trip, we’ll be doing some shopping and some kid-related things, but I imagine there will be a couple of beer-related things going on. We’ll definitely be going to John’s Marketplace, for instance (with a real … Continue reading