More beer blogs

I came across another couple of beer blogs today: SudsPundit and The Beer Blog. Actually, I found SudsPundit first via Technorati (linking to me here) and The Beer Blog via SudsPundit. They both look pretty good; check ’em out.

Seasonals and Czech Brewers

Yes, back online tonight (finally!) after the long weekend. So, let’s get it started with three links I found interesting: Brewery responds to copyright fight with cheeky beer label: Bethlehem Brew Works had to rename their "Rudolph’s Reserve" seasonal ale because of a copyright dispute. The new name? Rude Elf’s … Continue reading

A Good Beer Blog

As is obvious, I don’t have much to write about beer at the moment. In the meantime, check out A Good Beer Blog. It’s quite, er, good.

Hamm’s Jingle Writer Dies

Ernie Garven, who wrote the jingle for Hamm’s beer about the "land of sky-blue waters" (in 1952!), died last week at age 90. Does anyone remember that jingle? Or even Hamm’s beer? I sure do, but I’m beginning to think I’m the only one. I busted out that song on … Continue reading

Naming Beer

Looking for a way to gain notice of your beer and grow its popularity? Come up with a great, outstanding name. That, and relocate to Montana to brew—or at least that’s the inference from this article. The highlight beer of the article is "Olde Bongwater Hemp Porter" (from Kettlehouse Brewing … Continue reading


News of the weird: Brewing company goes looking for Lemurians. It’s very odd; I’ve heard the term "Lemurians" before but I didn’t know they were supposed to be living on or under Mt. Shasta. Even worse, I didn’t know there was a brewing company in Weed (California)! We drove through … Continue reading

Too far for a beer?

Too far for a beer? A woman has been arrested for digging up her dead boyfriend’s ashes from a cemetery more than 10 years ago and drinking the beer that was buried with him, possibly out of spite for his family, authorities say. I have to wonder: why was he … Continue reading


The 2004 Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery has been out for about a month now, and it’s quite tasty. I hadn’t yet seen this year’s label though until my wife picked up a six-pack this week. Each year Deschutes commissions a (relatively) local artist to create a label for that year’s … Continue reading

MacTarnahan dies at 89

Robert Malcolm "Mac" MacTarnahan, patron saint to Portland Brewing, died Monday night. OregonLive has a pretty good article here. In 1985, he became enamored of Bert Grant’s pioneering brewery and brewpub — the first brewpub in America since Prohibition — in Yakima, Wash., and tried to buy into the business. … Continue reading

More beer sites

Following up on my earlier post about beer-related websites, here’s some more. PubCrawler: A directory-type site that offers user reviews, decent enough brewery listings, upcoming events. Honestly, though, it makes my eyes bleed. RateBeer: User ratings of beer. Seems to have a better, more logical structure than the other similar … Continue reading