Jubelale launch party (2008)

We made it down for the Jubelale Launch Party at the Deschutes Pub this evening, and even though I didn’t get there in time for the toast, I took a few pictures and it was a Jubelale-themed dinner for sure. As promised, there were three variations of Jubelale on tap, … Continue reading

21 years of Jubelale

Tomorrow evening, the 23rd, Deschutes Brewery is having a launch party for the 2008 Jubelale release, at both their downtown Bend and Portland pubs. At the Bend pub, three variations of Jubel will be on tap: regular, cask conditioned, and nito. Plus, there’s a special menu planned for the evening … Continue reading

A Brew Basement to drool over

I’ve been enjoying The Brew Basement blog for a while now and one of the things I’ve always wondered is what the actual "basement" looks like and (for lack of a better term) how it works (what capacity, anything special done to cellar the beers, etc.). Wonder no more! The … Continue reading

Promotional package: Beck’s Oktoberfest

Today I received another promotional beer package, this time being Beck’s Oktoberfest—which will be perfect for next week’s Oktoberfest Week. Beck’s is of course the German beer which is imported and managed by Anheuser-Busch here in the States, but I didn’t know they made an Oktoberfest (although in retrospect it … Continue reading

Promotional package from Kona Brewing: Pipeline Porter

The end of last week I received a package promoting Kona Brewing, for their seasonal Pipeline Porter. In it were two bottles of the beer and a package of Kona coffee. (Picture below, of course.) The connection being, that Pipeline Porter is "brewed with freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee grown … Continue reading

Weekend beer notes

We had family come into town this weekend for the holiday and ended up spending a fair amount of time visiting the breweries; here are some observations and notes. We didn’t make it out to Sisters for Three Creeks Brewing or over to Cascade Lakes Brewing (based in Redmond but … Continue reading

Recently received

Chronicling a couple of the recent PR packages I’ve received, one which actually came two weeks ago while we were in Florida and one that came yesterday. First up is the Michelob beers… which, for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of. Two bottles: Michelob Pale Ale and Michelob … Continue reading

The Dissident: September 2nd

Speaking of Deschutes (right on the heels of the previous post press release), they twittered last night—and have an update on their home page—that The Dissident is bottled, waxed, and will be available on September 2nd: After much anticipation, Deschutes Brewery is proud to introduce its wildest brew yet – … Continue reading

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Introduces Gluten Free Golden Ale

Here’s a press release that could even tie in with my Colorful Beer Week this month (it’s a "Golden" Ale). I remember seeing this beer on the Brewery’s Pub-exclusive list; apparently they were experimenting with the recipe. Pity it’s going to be draft-only, though; bottling something like this could be … Continue reading

Long Hammer IPA on a summer evening

I cracked open the promotional bottle of Long Hammer IPA the other night and enjoyed it while sitting out on the back patio. I didn’t do a formal review this time around, but I can definitely say there were juicy hop notes, enjoyable toasted malt character, and it’s easily drinkable … Continue reading