First annual Best of Craft Beer Awards

This past weekend I had the privilege to participate in judging for the first-ever Best of Craft Beer Awards, a new competition established here in Bend by Katie Barnett (married to GoodLife Brewing co-owner Ty Barnett) that will be an annual event. There was a good turnout for a first-year … Continue reading

Burns, Oregon’s first brewery: Steens Mountain Brewing

Compared to the rest of the state, Eastern Oregon is a vast, mostly empty land dotted with small towns, agricultural communities and the wide open space of open range, and accordingly the brewery situation is similarly few and far between. And once you get east of Bend and Klamath Falls … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2011: Day 19: Abita Christmas Ale

Today’s beer pick comes from the oldest brewery in the American southeast: Abita Christmas Ale from Abita Brewing. Founded in 1986, Abita is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and is Louisiana’s premier craft brewery, located 30 miles north of New Orleans. Their Christmas Ale is a 5.5% abv holiday … Continue reading

Leftover Guinness

I had one can of Guinness left over from St. Patrick’s Day: You can see I did much better this time around pouring a Black and Tan. Incidentally, the other beer I’m using is Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic. Not a favorite, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment. … Continue reading

Weekend beer notes (March ’09)

No formal reviews, but a couple of beers of note this weekend. First was Laurelwood Brewing‘s Espresso Stout—actually its full name is Organic Portland Roast Espresso Stout. Our friends Paul and Sandi brought this over Saturday night. This one’s like drinking espresso, possibly the most coffee-infused beer I’ve yet tasted. … Continue reading

Top 10

Nothing new to be found here, but an entertaining diversion anyway: Holy Taco posted "10 Beers You Need To Try Before You Die" today, pretty standard stuff but nothing I can really quibble about. Of course, they culled the list from RateBeer, so at least they have reasonably good taste … Continue reading

Deschutes Brewery’s sesquicentennial beers

Following up on the Oregon Sesquicentennial beer notes, Deschutes Brewery posted on their blog today the details on the two beers they brewed for Oregon’s 150th: Maiden Oregon Ale, brewed at our Portland Brew Pub by Cam O’Connor, is a Belgian amber ale that was brewed using Crystal hops from … Continue reading

Some other Oregon Sesquicentennial beers

I mentioned several weeks back that Rogue is brewing an official Sesquicentennial Ale to celebrate Oregon’s 150th birthday, coming up this February 14th. I also noted that Deschutes is brewing two as well, and I wondered what other Oregon brewers may be up to. So I started emailing them. I … Continue reading

DRAFT’s best 25 beers of 2008

There’s lots to like with DRAFT Magazine’s Top 25 Beer of 2008, which is perhaps the best "Best Of" list that I’ve seen in a while. It has the usual suspects—The Abyss from Deschutes (yay), Dark Lord by Three Floyds, The Angel’s Share by Lost Abbey—but it balances the list … Continue reading

Rogue for Oregon’s 150th

I was preoccupied when this news first came out, but Rogue is brewing the semi-official beer for Oregon’s 150th birthday coming up next month. Oregon’s sesquicentennial is on February 14th—Valentine’s Day—and Rogue was selected to brew a special commemorative ale for the state’s 150th birthday. Sesquicentennial Ale will be available … Continue reading