The Session #4: Local Brews: Deschutes Brewery

It’s that time again: first Friday of the month, time for The Session! This month the theme is Local Brews, hosted by Gastronomic Fight Club, with the goal "to create a guide book of tasting notes to drinking local": The idea here is to be as helpful as possible for … Continue reading

The next Session (June): Local Brews

Next month’s Session is being hosted by the Gastronomic Fight Club and is a departure from the usual theme of tastings by style: Local Brews. The idea here is to be as helpful as possible for visitors to your area. What is the beer/brewery/brewpub that you feel is quintessential to … Continue reading

The Session #3: The Mysterious Misunderstood Mild

Again this month I feel compelled to offer up my own subtitle: "Mild Meanderings." Largely because I wasn’t able to find an actual Mild Ale locally—though I came close, and I’m hopefully there at least in spirit—but also because I’ll be segueing a bit as I write this. The problem … Continue reading

Mild Ale notes (The Session)

The next Session is coming up this Friday, and it’s all about Milds. (Previously.) Jay (who’s hosting) posted a good piece about Mild Ales today, worth reading. The BJCP organizes milds under their Style #11, English Brown Ale, with 11A designated mild and two additional sub-styles, northern and southern English … Continue reading

The next Session (May): Mild Ales

Jay at the Brookston Beer Bulletin is hosting the next installment of The Session, and today he’s announced the topic for May: Mild ales. More specifically: The theme will be “The Mysterious Misunderstood Mild” to coincide with CAMRA’s May promotion Mild Month. Saturday the 5th will also be National Mild … Continue reading

The Session #2: Day of the Dubbels

I wanted to subtitle today’s Dubbels Session, "Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble," but out of respect for Alan‘s running the show this month I abandoned my Bardly-themed title and went with his title. Mine was probably too nerdy, anyway. Dubbels are somewhat under-represented in my beer repertoire, so when I … Continue reading

The next Session: Dubbels

Alan over at A Good Beer Blog is hosting April’s Session and has announced the topic: Dubbels. Good choice, but one I didn’t really see coming. It’s all good. References: BeerAdvocate, Wikipedia.

The Session #1: Obsidian Stout

Welcome to the first edition of The Session (or Beer Blogging Friday, or whatever the ultimate name will be—probably "The Session"): a group blogging effort on the first Friday of each month where individual beer bloggers will post on the that month’s tasting theme, and one person compiles all the … Continue reading